Impact: 20" Acrylic Print

$ 60.00

$ 160.00

Limited Edition Prints

Each print is signed by Chris Sembower and numbered. This collection is limited to 150 reproductions.


Painting info:

When the Chiefs played at Oakland in 2016, Derrick Johnson put a MASSIVE hit on Jalen Richard, and in typical DJ fashion, was totally legal. It was one of many (too many to count, really) iconic plays that showcase his on-field awareness. I knew as soon as I saw it that it needed to be included in this season's series.

Print info:

This piece is produced on my favorite medium. The acrylic has a quality that is hard to describe, and needs to be seen in person to really appreciate. The print is produced on the underside of a clear acrylic sheet, and then a vinyl sheet is laminated behind, so essentially the print lies in between the two layers. Light travels through the clear acrylic portion on its way to the artwork, and slightly illuminates the piece. The vinyl provides protection for the actual print.