Slipstream: 20" Acrylic Print

$ 75.00

$ 160.00

Limited Edition Prints

Each print is signed by Chris Sembower and numbered. This collection is limited to 150 reproductions.


Painting info:

In most of my paintings, I choose a concept to attempt to illustrate that isn't often seen. Usually it involves overcoming visual and technical challenges to produce elements that aren't easily articulated in a still photo or illustration. In this piece, I chose speed as the thing I wanted to realize visually. The subject is Tyreek Hill, Chiefs electric rookie WR / PR / KR, who is easily one of the fastest, if not THE fastest player in the entire NFL.

Print info:

This piece is produced on my favorite medium. The acrylic has a quality that is hard to describe, and needs to be seen in person to really appreciate. The print is produced on the underside of a clear acrylic sheet, and then a vinyl sheet is laminated behind, so essentially the print lies in between the two layers. Light travels through the clear acrylic portion on its way to the artwork, and slightly illuminates the piece. The vinyl provides protection for the actual print.