Rally: Posterized 13x19 Paper Print

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$ 50.00

Limited Edition Prints

Each print is signed by Chris Sembower and numbered. This collection is limited to 150 reproductions.


Painting info:

On September 11, 2016, the Chiefs made one of the most incredible comebacks ever witnessed at Arrowhead. Down 21 with little more than a quarter to go, Alex Smith lead the offense down the field three times in a row to tie the game. Alex appeared at midfield as the team's solo captain to correctly call the game's deciding coin flip. KC received the ball, marched down the field, and stood a few feet away from the endzone. Smith would hike the ball and dive head first into the endzone after a tiny rollout. Andy Reid later credited Alex in his post game press conference, saying the "playcall" was all #11. That felt pretty epic, and I felt it was an appropriate visual to capture in this piece. This is done in the style of a movie poster, including a little more text than I do typically.