"...It's Easy": Posterized 13x19" Paper Print

$ 15.00

$ 50.00

This is a quirky side project I've been painting on and off for over a year. I finally decided to wrap it up and release it. There is a subtle relationship between the lighthearted caricatures in the painting, the chords beneath them, the title of the painting, and in general a deeper comment about life, and living.

These prints are produced on 13x19" paper stock, and coated with a UV finish. Larger paper prints, as well as prints produced on acrylic or canvas are also available. Contact me at chrissembower@gmail.com for more info!

Prints are signed, numbered, and shipped in a 3" diameter tube ($5 s/h).

NOTE: This is a long piece horizontally. The standard prints I offer are produced on a single sheet. Because of that, my maximum dimensions are set by the paper size (13x19"). The image size of this print is 18.5" x 7.6"