Art Classes by Chris Sembower

Introduction To Elemental Concepts Art Classes

The classes I offer at the store are concept-driven. I want to stress that these are not "arts and crafts" classes. Each session will highlight one of the elements of design, and the classes collectively will begin to introduce students to some of the universal concepts of art and design.

Each week, I will focus on a different element of design that will will be discussed at the start of each session, and will be what inspires the weekly project. The classes will be structured in a way that enables students to go home and finish their projects. Only so much can happen in an hour and a half, so I want to make sure we maximize our time together.

The class fee is $60 per 90 minute session. With every class, there is a material fee you can expect. If students decide to take classes on a weekly basis, the materials will have a certain level of reusability. In keeping with the theme that these are art classes, not arts and crafts, I want to make sure that is reflected in the material choices as well. I want students to take home pencils and markers (among other things) that I would be proud to use myself. My hope is that this encourages students to use them beyond my class, and begin to explore their artistic personality.

Materials from home can certainly be brought instead of purchasing materials from me, as long as they meet the requirements of the class. Feel free to ask about this when you sign up!

The basic breakdown for the class time is this: Classes will be 90 minutes long. I will introduce the concept of the week and discuss that for the first 20 minutes of class, followed by 10 minutes or so of examples so the students can see them in action. Then I will spend a few minutes breaking down the project and the remaining time, roughly an hour, will be devoted to project time.

Students are encouraged to finish their project at home, and share with me in person before/after a later class session, or through Facebook or email.


Classes can be signed up for at the store in Oak Park Mall. 21G: Art With Soul is located on the top floor, across from Nordstrom.



A class schedule can be seen here. Cancellations and full class updates will be made here.

Advanced Classes

More advanced classes will be offered in the future, and will be promoted separately from these weekly classes. Some topics being planned currently are digital painting foundations, and bezier theory. Information will be released about those events as they are planned.


We require 24 hours notice for a class cancellation, so we can have the opportunity to fill the seat.