Framing FAQs

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Can you frame the artwork?

Yes! We utilize the services of a local framer in Kansas City that we are very happy with. Every piece of artwork we have framed is done custom, by her. She cuts the frame, glass, and beveled matting, stretches the canvas, and mounts the acrylics. We love her. She is fantastic!

How long does framing typically take?

Typically you can expect the framing process to take about two weeks, though we ask that you allow up to a month, not including shipping time. The amount of time a piece takes to frame can be influenced by a number of factors including stock levels of artwork, current workload at the framer’s studio, stock levels of framing materials, or simply how the pickup and dropoff schedules play out compared to the day your purchase your print.

How much does framing cost?

It depends on the size and material of the print you are having framed. Please see our pricing guide for a breakdown, and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

Why does framing cost so much?

We utilize purely presentation and preservation quality framing materials, and all post production work (framing, stretching, etc) is done locally, by hand. Our prices are actually great in comparison to what most of the big chains would charge for identical materials & services. We offer the ability to have a very high quality framing job done at a pretty reasonable price.

Can you ship framed pieces?

Absolutely! We generally ship everything out through USPS. Once in the mail, you can typically expect somewhere between 2 days and a week for anything in the Midwest. There may be exceptions for any shipping outside of the region / country, or during major shipping holidays like Christmas.

What is museum / preservation / presentation quality framing?

Simply put, we have all prints framed with materials that are going to allow the artwork to show the best, and last the longest. Acid free matting, and anti-UV / anti-reflection glass are always used on pieces that utilize them.

Do I have frame and matte options?

You sure do! We offer 9 standard options for framed paper prints (or acrylics, if you wish) that each utilize a different frame & matte combination. Other options outside of these are certainly available, but would require a conversation via email, and potentially some coordination with the framer along with a custom quote. This may add production time, depending on the specifics.

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