800k: Posterized 13x19" Paper Print

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$ 40.00

Crown Series - Limited Edition Prints

Each print is signed by Chris Sembower and numbered. This collection is limited to 150 reproductions.


Painting info:

Following the Royals World Series victory in 2015, Kansas City hosted a celebratory parade that drew over 800,000 (800k) people in attendance. Downtown Kansas City was completely shut down as people abandoned their cars on the highways to take the walk down to union station to witness it.

I wanted my rendition to feel big and epic. It utilizes a panorama view from the top of the Liberty Memorial.


Crown Series:

Paintings produced after mid-2015 will be divided up into different series, depending on their theme, subject matter, etc. My "Crown Series" is my first limited edition series focused around the Royals' 2015 World Series Victory.