Golden Touch: 30" Acrylic (Micro-Scratch)

$ 200.00

$ 260.00

NOTE: Due to the size, this item is local pickup / dropoff only. Shipping could potentially be arranged, but be prepared for a ballooned shipping cost.

This print has only very minor micro-scratches, which can only be seen in the right light and do not affect the artwork. These acrylics are multi-layered prints. The vibrant printing is done in reverse on the back side of clear acrylic sheets, and are then covered from behind with vinyl, essentially sandwiching the artwork between the acrylic and vinyl material. This process does a fantastic job of protecting the artwork, even if the surface is slightly scuffed or dinged.

All limited edition micro-scratch sale items are non-refundable, and will be destroyed & reproduced if unsold when this sale ends.

Original non-sale item can be seen here.